Assemblée générale


60 ans de collectage dans les terroirs bretons


"The original circle of Vannes" "... unbridled choreography ..." "energy and creativity" .... This is how journalists have described the group's performances.

The Vannes Celtic Circle ranked first category within the War'l Leur confederation, accompanied by an orchestra, toys with traditions and combines them with the world of today.

The group "show" consists of forty dancers with a wide ranging repertoire. Staged ieither tradionally or choreographically, the repertoire brings together both traditional and contemporary dance, music, singing and theatrical styles.

The creativity and openness of the group lead to several maiden productions, the latest, in 2014, was "Colporteur, approchez que je vous chuchote des histoires." (Peddlar, come closer and I'll tell you a few stories).

Constantly on the lookout for innovation and novelty, the Vannes Celtic Circle has been working for some time with directors and professional actors to lend the right tone to their creations. The group builds its choreography and staging on a theme.

Every moment of life, be it a moment of real or imaginary history is a pretext for a new and original creation. The group is not content to transcribe historical fact, it uses it as a starting point to create an atmosphere while relying on the context to make it a timeless creation. The work focuses on the theme.

The music, costumes and dances are selected to serve the theme.. The staging favors creation, with no aim other than to give the public a good time and, in doing so , makes the dance a contemporary artistic expression.



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